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Brandecation is the world’s most customizable training platform.

Thousands of users trust us everyday. It’s like a second brain for your company.

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Create Brand Advocates

We provide a customized web-based training solution for your team in an engaging, immersive, and educational manner. Our approach focuses on building out world-class content, delivering unrivaled platform accessibility, and intuitive design.

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Consistent Messaging

Ability to deliver engaging, clear, and consistent messaging to all trainees.

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Deep Analytics

Deep analytics and metrics, including training completion, geographical user data such as dealer /training location, test results, and data retention.

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Field Communication

Enhanced field communication such as new product releases, company news and sales techniques throughout the year.

The Brandecation Process

Identify and build a base of your target audience to convey a clear and consistent message to your user.

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Create and Communicate

Brandecation will design, build, and implement your customized training solution.

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Real time insights, analytics and exports to manage your audience retention.

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Messaging system and incentive purchase program to create true brand advocates for your business.


Your company spends a lot of time, money, and effort branding your business, so why use a cookie-cutter training solution? Brandecation builds a custom platform to look and feel exactly like your organization.

Your company gets to leverage the latest and greatest training tools in the industry, with Brandecation doing all of the heavy lifting. Our intention is to design a scalable training portal that provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, fast, and functional user experience that makes your audience want to come back to further their knowledge.

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... and many more!

Testing & Analytics

Getting your reports and data shouldn’t be a nightmare

Brandecations custom interactive quizzes continuously measure a user to reinforce knowledge retention, while at the same time generating data regarding knowledge levels to keep the audience fully engaged.

Custom interactive quizzes

Brandecation’s custom interactive quizzes continuously measure a user to reinforce knowledge retention. Multiple quiz variations include:

  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Random question generator
  • Breakpoint questions
  • Timed questions
Custom Interactive Quizzes
Knowledge levels

Knowledge Levels

Generate data regarding knowledge levels.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Which user is training
  • What location they are associated with
  • Test scores ( Overall vs Per Module )
  • Rep and regional manager reporting
  • Heat-mapping analytics

Fully Engaged

Keep your audience fully engaged.

  • Keep your audience in the loop on new product/service releases.
  • E-mail notifications to remind users to begin/finish training.
  • Provide a well-rounded understanding of your brand/product/service.
  • Motivate your users with an incentive program upon completion of training.

You're In Good Hands

Matt Schumann Photo

Matt Schumann

Vice President of Marketing

The Brandecation platform is simple to implement and allows us to efficiently and effectively turn employees, dealers, and sales staff into true brand ambassadors. Our users love the platform and we would recommend it to any business.

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